Health and Safety in Construction

The Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) set out the requirements for managing Health and Safety in all construction projects in the UK.  Regardless of weather your project is large enough to be notifiable under the regulations, provisions still apply.  The regulations place duties or Clients, Principle Contractors, and Sub Contractors.

Bellow is a summary of duties places on parties involved in a CDM project.

CDM Client

Appoint a suitable Principle Designer and a Principle contractor.  Ensure that the site welfare is in place prior to the construction phase. Receive the construction phase plan and the health and safety file from the main contractor.  Consult with the Principe Contractor and Principe designer to ensure that health and safety is considered as part of the design process to ensure that the building or structure is safe to build, operate and maintain.

CDM Principle Contractor

Appoint Contractors, produce a construction phase health and safety plan containing safety information pertinacity to the construction process of the structure.  Develop the buildings health and safety file to ensure that the end occupiers will be able to operate and maintain the building safely and carry out any alterations or additions with procession of the original design information. Consult with subcontractors and technical specialists to compile and present this information.

Run the project safely, ensure that there is suitable welfare on site for the project and that subcontractors are operating safely on the site. Gather safety related information like risk assessments and safety data from subcontractors for inclusion in either the health and safety file or construction phase plan.

CDM Contractor

Carry out the subcontract without risk to staff or 3rd parties, communicate with the principle contractor about the works, and provide any information such as is nessisary to enable the principle contractor to produce the construction phase health and safety plan or health and safety file.


We have the experience you need regardless of your position in the CDM frame work, to ensure compliance on the ground and safety, steady progress for your project. We also can act as Principe Designer under the regulations, to ensure the health and safety is stitched into the project from day one, and considered right through the building’s life cycle.